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Executing Strategies in a Global Environment Essay

Conceptual This paper will break down Federal Expresss esteem creation outskirts, and figure out which of the four structure squares of upper hand the organization needs so as to proceed with their better than expected productivity. It will likewise investigate the principle part of item separations and limit control of the organization to keep up an edge on their opponents. Besides, for this task I will endeavor look at the productivity of FedExs current plan of action and suggest another business level technique that will give Federal Express an upper hand over it rivals. Likewise, this paper will likewise look at the way in which in general, worldwide rivalry may impact my suggested business methodology and I will recommend a critical way that Federal Express can go up against its worldwide rivalry. Presentation Government Express started working in 1973, under the initiative of Fred Smith Jr. Prior to Federal Express, a significant segment for little bundling airfreight flew on business traveler flights. Fred Smith accepted that these two administrations ought to be dealt with in an unexpected way, on the grounds that the business traveler and payload shipper had various necessities. The business traveler they needed the accommodation of daytime flights. With respect to the freight shippers, they favored night administrations, which would manage the cost of them late evening pickups and 24 hour conveyance (Hill,2013). Since little bundle airfreight just went out dependent on the business flight booking, it was hard for freight shippers to accomplish 24 hour conveyance. To cure the transportation issue freight shippers had Smith planned to construct a framework that could accomplish 24 hour conveyance of little bundle airfreight (Hill,2013). Today Federal Express has developed from an expedited service organization to a worldwide calculated and flexibly chain the executives organization (Crane, et al., 2003). Throughout the years Federal Express had the option to develop through acquistions and huge investmenst in data technoloy. The organization was additionally ready to stand apart from the lay best on their plan of action work autonomously, contend on the whole. Smith fragmented his compnay into 6 different component FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services, which permitted every part to concentrate all alone maket portion. By portioning of every part it gave Federal express the oppurtunity to concentrate more on client. Despite the fact that Federal Express 6 distinct segments worked seperatley the contended together under FedEx Corporation. Government Expresss Value Creation Frontier and Their Four Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage Federal Express gainfulness relies upon three factors: T he worth a client puts on their administrations, the value Federal Express charges for their administrations, and the cost Federal Express needs to cause to deliver the administrations they give (Hll and Jones, 2013). The more ideal these components are the more worth is offered on Federal Expresss item. To precisely esteem, a companys item the board must recognize the distinction among utility and value (Hill and Jones, 2013). Utility is the clients fulfillment or satisfaction with utilizing or claiming a companys item or administrations. Government Express has gotten down to business by making dispatching simpler and helpful for their client. Today we can discover drop off boxes before places of business and little neighborhood dispatching stores. Having drop off boxes offers the client whenever drop offs and no holding up time. Government Express has likewise put intensely in advancement to add to the clients experience (Crane, et al., 2003). The alternative of remote innovation and the capacity to follow conveyances and timetable singles out the companys site gives the client transporting directly readily available. For their worldwide client Federal Express can offer delivery alternative to in excess of 200 organizations. The costs Federal Express set for their administrations are higher than a large number of their rivals. Government Express valuing is viewed as a top notch, which mirrors the top notch level of administration FedEx gives (Crane, et al., 2003). In light of FedEx position, their superior estimating is justified, despite all the trouble, however they neglect to understand their value touchy client who may go with an increasingly less expensive alternative for specific administrations (UPS). For this situation it make it hard for Fedex to champion dependent on marking and the amenties they offer. They may need to think about an alternate method to differeinate themselves from the competitior. Since Federal Expresss development and client, fulfillment accompanies a significant expense tag. Their arrival on contributed capital (ROIC) is low contrasted with its greatest rival UPS. In 2011, FedEx ROIC was 7.41% and UPS was 19.39% (Hill, 2013). Some state in time the cash FedEx spent to develop their organization, innovation foundation, and consumer loyalty may before long result. The other positive side is that FedEx spending and obtaining costs have made it difficult for new organizations to enter and contend in the bundling business Along with esteem creation, an organization must exceed expectations in the four structure square of upper hand proficiency, quality, development, and client responsiveness. How well an organization acts in these four territories will decide their productivity and upper hand over the contender. These four conventional structure squares are a result of a companys particular capabilities, which will permit an organization to separate its item and lower its cost structure (Hill and Jones, 2013). Thusly, continue an upper hand and better benefit results over their rival. While deciding a companys proficiency we can take a gander at the stuff (contributions) to create an item or administrations (yields). As per Hill and Jones, the more proficient an organization is the less information sources it required to deliver a specific yield. The most well-known approach to quantify a companys effectiveness is through worker efficiency the out frown delivered per representative (Hill and Jones, 2013). While analyzing FedEx effectiveness they were the primary bundling organization to put resources into innovation that empowered their representatives to get to organization data remote 24 hours every day. This remote element additionally permits the worker to gather bundling information, which permits representatives to rapidly enter bundles into the companys bundle following framework, which lessens the chance of mistake (Crane, et al., 2003). With respect to FedEx administration, they can be survey by its highlights, execution, sturdiness, dependability, style, and configuration (Hill and Jones, 2013). These highlights are utilized by clients to decide the quality degree of the administrations that are offered by FedEx. In light of FedExs history, spending to assemble its framework, and premium estimating FedEx is focused on offering an assistance of great standings. FedEx has likewise put intensely in new advancements, which will improve their administrations, make it increasingly dependable, and significant to its clients (Amsler, Cullen, and Erdmenger, 2010). A model that show FedEx is about quality is their innovation endeavors, for example, following conveyances on their site, and offering advantageous delivery at the clients fingertips. As referenced before FedEx is about advancement. They are into making new services and procedures to make dispatching simple and helpful for their clients. One of their significant speculations is the joint endeavor with University of Memphis. College of Memphis and FedEx have joined and shaped the FedEx Institute of Technology. This venture will guarantee that FedEx won't be allowed in dim with regards to new innovation (Crane, et al., 2003). With regards to consumer loyalty FedEx attempts to recognize their client needs. FedEx heard the clients requested for an increasingly advantageous method of delivery. FedEx has expanded drop off occasions by three hours, offer drop off boxes, and the capacity for client to plan pickups on FedExs site. The main disappointment is the exceptional valuing set on their administrations. FedEx neglect to cling to the requests of their cost touchy clients. These are the clients who just consideration about modest conveyance administrations. This gathering of individuals may utilize FedEx if all else fails for their transportation needs. Item Differentiation The thought behind item separation is making an item that fulfills the clients needs (Hill and Jones, 2013). All together for an organization to acquire an upper hand they should offer an item that preferable satistfies the clients need over its opponent. At the point when an organization makes a stratergy that includes advancement, execellence, quality, and client responsiveness they are offering custumers separation item. When the a companys stratergy is tied in with discovering approaches to build effectiveness and reliablity to decrease cost they are offering the client low valued item (Hill and Jones,2013). On account of Federal Express their stratergy isn't tied in with offering a low evaluated item, yet offering an item that is creative, fulfills a high guideline of execellence, high caliber, and putting together the item with respect to the clients need. Government Express comprehended the significance of separation. Since their methodology did not depend on offering a low costing item Federal Express needed to concentrate on data innovation. Today clients are keen on observing their shipments, evaluating appearance times, cost and cost of shipments. These components are critical to most organizations and customers just as the wellbeing of their conveyance (Crane, et al., 2003). To fulfill the requirements of their clients and to stand apart from their rival FedEx has invested vigorously in the innovation framework, which gives alternatives to clients to follow and approve shipments at their PC. Government Express strives to make an excellent degree of administration that is hard for their adversary to coordinate (Crane, et al., 2003). Throughout the years, FedEx has been known as a pioneer in the transportation area, and giving a significant level of value administrations. Due to FedExs more significant expenses the degree of servi

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Analysis for the article The touch screen generation Essay

Investigation for the article The touch screen age - Essay Example She likewise breaks down the changing outlook of guardians at the new turn of events, who rather being incredulous, have decided to elevate their youngsters to capable themselves to advanced innovation (Rosin, 2013). The article begins with the author’s visit to an advanced media meeting of the kids game designers in California. It is obvious from the initial discourse that the application developers’ demographic are babies, which is a reason for worry to the creator (Rosin, 2013). Rosin refers to American Academy of Pediatrics worry over the unnecessary introduction of electronic media on the developing kids (Rosin, 2013). The creator interfaces with guardians to know their perspectives on the intuitive media innovation. A parent who is an instructor discloses to her that she has prohibited standards for game playing for her kids. She has fixed â€Å"no screen time,† (Rosin, 2013). The fixing of game playing times has made her get some information about guidelines of playing e-games. The most stunning disclosure was that the guardians were happy to give not more than â€Å"half an hour a day,† (Rosin, 2013). Along these lines, guardians appear to be stressed over the impacts of the new age innovation (Rosin, 2013). The term â€Å"digital natives† (Rosin, 2013) instituted by Marc Prensky is talked about with regards to new improvements, for example, iPads and contact screen innovative gadgets (Rosin, 2013). The gadgets have now been found in the hands of babies as intends to â€Å"mollify, appease or in any case engage them,† (Rosin, 2013). Jane Healy has gone to the degree of considering this circumstance a â€Å"zombie effect,† (Rosin, 2013). Be that as it may, the scientists, for example, Kirokorian from University of Wisconsin at Madison, are pompous of the alert raised. Presently the specialists state kids have gotten so adjusted to the medium that at two years old kids become â€Å"very intellectually active,† (Rosin, 2013). The other perspective on improvement might be that computerized innovation is encouraging

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7 of the Best-Known Theories of Child Development

7 of the Best-Known Theories of Child Development January 04, 2020 Stages of Cognitive Development Piaget's Theory Sensorimotor Stage Preoperational Stage Concrete Operational Stage Formal Operational Stage Support and Criticism Verywell / JR Bee In This Article Table of Contents Expand Background Psychosexual Development Psychosocial Development Behavioral Child Development Cognitive Development Attachment Theory Social Learning Theory Sociocultural Theory Child development theories focus on explaining how children change and grow over the course of childhood. Such theories center on various aspects of development including social, emotional, and cognitive growth. The study of human development is a rich and varied subject. We all have personal experience with development, but it is sometimes difficult to understand how and why people grow, learn, and act as they do. Why do children behave in certain ways? Is their behavior related to their age, family relationships, or individual temperaments? Developmental psychologists strive to answer such questions as well as to understand, explain, and predict behaviors that occur throughout the lifespan. In order to understand human development, a number of different theories of child development have arisen to explain various aspects of human growth. The Background of Child Development Theories Theories of development provide a framework for thinking about human growth and learning. But why do we study development? What can we learn from psychological theories of development? If you have ever wondered about what motivates human thought and behavior, understanding these theories can provide useful insight into individuals and society. How Our Understanding of Child Development Has Changed Over the Years Child development that occurs from birth to adulthood was largely ignored throughout much of human history. Children were often viewed simply as small versions of adults and little attention was paid to the many advances in cognitive abilities, language usage, and physical growth that occur during childhood and adolescence. Interest in the field of child development finally began to emerge early in the 20th century, but it tended to focus on abnormal behavior. Eventually, researchers became increasingly interested in other topics including typical child development as well as the influences on development. How Studying Child Development Allows Us to Understand Changes That Take Place Why is it important to study how children grow, learn and change? An understanding of child development is essential because it allows us to fully appreciate the cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and educational growth that children go through from birth and into early adulthood. Some of the major theories of child development are known as grand theories; they attempt to describe every aspect of development, often using a stage approach. Others are known as mini-theories; they instead focus only on a fairly limited aspect of development such as cognitive or social growth. Major Child Development Theories The following are just a few of the many child development theories that have been proposed by theorists and researchers. More recent theories outline the developmental stages of children and identify the typical ages at which these growth  milestones  occur.?? Freuds Psychosexual Developmental Theory Psychoanalytic theory originated with the work of  Sigmund Freud. Through his clinical work with patients suffering from mental illness, Freud came to believe that childhood experiences and  unconscious  desires influenced behavior. According to Freud, conflicts that occur during each of these stages can have a lifelong influence on personality and behavior. Freud  proposed one of the best-known grand theories of child development. According to  Freud’s psychosexual theory, child development occurs in a series of stages focused on different pleasure areas of the body. During each stage, the child encounters conflicts that play a significant role in the course of development. His theory suggested that the energy of the libido was focused on different erogenous zones at specific stages. Failure to progress through a stage can result in fixation at that point in development, which Freud believed could have an influence on adult behavior. So what happens as children complete each stage? And what might result if a child does poorly during a particular point in development? Successfully completing each stage leads to the development of a healthy adult personality. Failing to resolve the conflicts of a particular stage can result in fixations that can then have an influence on adult behavior. While some other child development theories suggest that personality continues to change and grow over the entire lifetime, Freud believed that it was early experiences that played the greatest role in shaping development. According to Freud, personality is largely set in stone by the age of five. Freuds Stages of Psychosexual Development Eriksons Psychosocial Developmental Theory Psychoanalytic theory was an enormously influential force during the first half of the twentieth century. Those inspired and influenced by Freud went on to expand upon Freuds ideas and develop theories of their own. Of these neo-Freudians, Erik Eriksons ideas have become perhaps the best known. Eriksons eight-stage theory of psychosocial development describes growth and change throughout life, focusing on social interaction and conflicts that arise during different stages of development. While  Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development  shared some similarities with Freuds, it is dramatically different in many ways. Rather than focusing on sexual interest as a driving force in development, Erikson believed that social interaction and experience played decisive roles. His eight-stage theory of human development described this process from infancy through death. During each stage, people are faced with a developmental conflict that impacts later functioning and further growth. Unlike many other developmental theories, Erik Eriksons  psychosocial theory  focuses on development across the entire lifespan. At each stage, children and adults face a developmental crisis that serves as a major turning point. Successfully managing the challenges of each stage leads to the emergence of a lifelong psychological virtue. Eriksons Stages of Psychosocial Development Behavioral Child Development Theories During the first half of the twentieth century, a new school of thought known as behaviorism rose to become a dominant force within psychology. Behaviorists believed that psychology needed to focus only on observable and quantifiable behaviors in order to become a more scientific discipline. According to the behavioral perspective, all human behavior can be described in terms of environmental influences. Some behaviorists, such as  John B. Watson  and  B.F. Skinner, insisted that learning occurs purely through processes of association and reinforcement. Behavioral theories of child development focus on how environmental interaction influences behavior and is based on the theories of theorists such as John B. Watson, Ivan Pavlov, and B. F. Skinner. These theories deal only with observable behaviors. Development is considered a reaction to rewards, punishments, stimuli, and reinforcement. This theory differs considerably from other child development theories because it gives no consideration to internal thoughts or feelings. Instead, it focuses purely on how experience shapes who we are. Two important types of learning that emerged from this approach to development are  classical conditioning  and  operant conditioning. Classical conditioning involves learning by pairing a naturally occurring stimulus with a previously neutral stimulus. Operant conditioning utilizes reinforcement and punishment to modify behaviors. Piagets Cognitive Developmental Theory Cognitive theory is concerned with the development of a persons thought processes. It also looks at how these thought processes influence how we understand and interact with the world.  Piaget proposed an idea that seems obvious now, but helped revolutionize how we think about child development:  Children think differently than adults.?? Theorist  Jean Piaget  proposed one of the most influential  theories of cognitive development. His cognitive theory seeks to describe and explain the development of thought processes and mental states. It also looks at how these thought processes influence the way we understand and interact with the world. Piaget then proposed a theory of cognitive development to account for the steps and sequence of childrens intellectual development. The Sensorimotor Stage:  A period of time between birth and age two during which an infants knowledge of the world is limited to his or her sensory perceptions and motor activities. Behaviors are limited to simple motor responses caused by sensory stimuli.The Preoperational Stage:  A period between ages 2 and 6 during which a child learns to use language. During this stage, children do not yet understand concrete logic, cannot mentally manipulate information and are unable to take the point of view of other people.The Concrete Operational Stage:  A period between ages 7 and 11 during which children gain a better understanding of mental operations. Children begin thinking logically about concrete events but have difficulty understanding abstract or hypothetical concepts.The Formal Operational Stage:  A period between age 12 to adulthood when people develop the ability to think about abstract concepts. Skills such as logical thought, deductive reasoning, and systematic planning also em erge during this stage. Piagets Four Stages of Development Bowlbys Attachment Theory There is a great deal of research on the social development of children.  John Bowbly  proposed one of the earliest theories of social development. Bowlby believed that early relationships with caregivers play a major role in child development and continue to influence social relationships throughout life.?? Bowlbys attachment theory suggested that children are born with an innate need to form attachments. Such attachments aid in survival by ensuring that the child receives care and protection. Not only that, but these attachments are characterized by clear behavioral and motivational patterns. In other words, both children and caregivers engage in behaviors designed to ensure proximity. Children strive to stay close and connected to their caregivers who in turn provide a safe haven and a secure base for exploration. Researchers have also expanded upon Bowlbys original work and have suggested that a number of different attachment styles exist. Children who receive consistent support and care are more likely to develop a secure attachment style, while those who receive less reliable care may develop an ambivalent, avoidant, or disorganized style. Attachment Theory Banduras Social Learning Theory Social learning theory  is based on the work of psychologist  Albert Bandura. Bandura believed that the conditioning and reinforcement process could not sufficiently explain all of human learning. For example, how can the conditioning process account for learned behaviors that have not been reinforced through classical conditioning or operant conditioning? According to social learning theory, behaviors can also be learned through observation and modeling. By observing the actions of others, including parents and peers, children develop new skills and acquire new information. Banduras child development theory suggests that observation plays a critical role in learning, but this observation does not necessarily need to take the form of watching a live model.?? Instead, people can also learn by listening to verbal instructions about how to perform a behavior as well as through observing either real or fictional characters displaying behaviors in books or films. Social Learning Theory Vygotskys Sociocultural Theory Another psychologist named  Lev Vygotsky  proposed a seminal learning theory that has gone on to become very influential, especially in the field of education. Like Piaget, Vygotsky believed that children learn actively and through hands-on experiences.?? His  sociocultural theory  also suggested that parents, caregivers, peers and the culture at large were responsible for developing higher-order functions. In Vygotskys view, learning is an inherently social process. Through interacting with others, learning becomes integrated into an individuals understanding of the world. This child development theory also introduced the concept of the zone of proximal development, which is the gap between what a person can do with help and what they can do on their own. It is with the help of more knowledgeable others that people are able to progressively learn and increase their skills and scope of understanding. Sociocultural Theory A Word From Verywell As you can see, some of psychologys best-known thinkers have developed theories to help explore and explain different aspects of child development. While not all of these theories are fully accepted today, they all had an important influence on our understanding of child development. Today, contemporary psychologists often draw on a variety of theories and perspectives in order to understand how kids grow, behave, and think. These theories represent just a few of the different ways of thinking about child development. In reality, fully understanding how children change and grow over the course of childhood requires looking at many different factors that influence physical and psychological growth. Genes, the environment, and the interactions between these two forces determine how kids grow physically as well as mentally.

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Essay about Freud Suggest Religion is an Illusion - 671 Words

Freud in his writing suggests that religion is an â€Å"illusion.† Not your typical deception of something, rather misapprehension of religion. Additionally, Freud provides brand new eyes to look at religion and its construct of civilization. He further provides evidence of his own, as well as suggesting a psychoanalytical approach to religion. Countless times Freud referred to his own psychological ideas of development including the transition of a child to an adult development. Freud heeds, a successful transition of developing from a child to a functioning adult in â€Å"reality† is necessary otherwise it leads to anxiety. This level of anxiety stems from â€Å"instinctual prohibitions† shaping into a state repression, caused by religion. Freud†¦show more content†¦For example, he highlights God, power, nature, good versus evil, hell versus heaven, fate and so on. He also explains that â€Å"Life in this world serves a higher purpose; no doubt it is not easy to guess what that purpose is, but it certainly signifies a perfecting of mans nature. It is probably the spiritual part of man, the soul†¦which is the object of this elevation and exaltation† (Freud, 1972, p. 18). Ideas such as soul and body are inclusive to nature and the universe, instead of human society. On the other hand, Freud is more concerned with instilling the idea that infancy and childhood is a key role in development, he states, â€Å"by the time the childs intellect awakens, the doctrines of religion have already become unassailable,† suggesting that religion is a force that shapes civilization in which people function, as well as form our judgment of human civilization. Hence, the importance of developing successfully as opposed to failing to function in society, whether they are religious or not. Instead, he dubs man as â€Å"a creature of weak intelligence who is ruled by his instinctual wishes.† In respect to Freud’s ideas and suggestions, it is hard to ignoreShow MoreRelatedSigmund Freud The Future Of An Illusion Analysis1199 Words   |  5 PagesFreud gives his insights about what he defines as religion and how the societal neurosis called religion can be expunged from our lives. Freud, in his book The Future of an Illusion gives his psychoanalytical theory in trying to explain religion and postulates that the phenomenon called religion is an imagination, a mere illusion that goes beyond questioning. He suggests that science will provide us with knowledge and explanations to do away with the religious neurosis and live a life where scienceRead More Freud and Hedda Gabler: The Wolf Behind the Protagonist1369 Words   |  6 Pageshuman instinct and place an order so a broader society can function; the basic human is far from controlled. Sigmund Freud in ‘From Civilizations and Its discontents’ suggest that nothing can really control human instinct but rather deter it from its ‘ho mo homini lupus’(Freud, 1697) nature which translates into man is a wolf to man. This ‘homo homini lupus’ form of instinct suggest a more aggressive side of humans with the tendencies of not interacting with people but merely using people. HenrikRead MoreKey Concepts of Religious Experience as an Argument for the Existence of God707 Words   |  3 Pagestheir experiences religiously whilst others are justified in presenting alternative explanations for the same phenomenon. Another problem is that we know our senses can be deceived, for example Optical Illusions, this implies that perhaps religious experiences are just illusions. There are 2 possible outcomes, one is that the interpretation is of Reality I think therefore I am (Descartes) or it is of an opposite nature When a man tells me God has spoken to him in a dream†¦Read MoreThe Holy Of The World1321 Words   |  6 PagesSince the beginning of scientific research, many controversies have arisen concerning the topic of religion. It has been debated on both ends of the spectrum to come to a conclusion on whether or not God truly exists. Faith and knowledge have to be debated by many scientists around the world for various reasons. â€Å"†¦There is not enough evidence anywhere to absolutely prove God, but there is adequate evidence to justify the assumption or the faith that God exists† (Thomas, p. 263). â€Å"Now we believe,Read MoreReligious Experiences are all Illusions3185 Words   |  13 Pages‘Religious experiences are all illusions.’ Discuss. Most arguments for the existence of God are ‘a posteriori’, seeking to move from experiences within the world to the existence of God rather than relying on the definition of God to prove his existence. Religious experience is an interaction with God or a feeling of connection with a higher power. It is interesting to note that William James never spoke of ‘God’ but of the ‘spiritual’, ‘unseen order’ or ‘higher’ aspects of the world. Does a personRead More Freud Essay1234 Words   |  5 PagesMarx and Frederick Engels present their view of human nature and the effect that the economic system and economic factors have on it. Marx and Engels discuss human nature in the context of the economic factors which they see as driving history. Freud, in Civilization and Its Discontents, explores human nature through his psychological view of the human mind. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Marx states that history quot; the history of class strugglesquot; (9). Marx views history as beingRead MoreBiography Of Sigismund Schlomo Freud s Life1929 Words   |  8 PagesSigismund Schlomo Freud was born in 1856 on May the 6th. He grew up in the Freiberg, which is located in Austria, and now it called Pribor in the Czech Republic. When he was twenty- two his name changed to Sigmund Freud. Additionally, he is the son of a deeply religious Jewish father and his father was encouraging him to learn more about Hebrew Scriptures. Freud was the oldest of eight children (Nystule, 2011). â€Å"His father was a wool merchant with a keen mind and a good sense of humor. His motherRead MorePsycho Dynamic Concepts And Therapies1283 Words   |  6 Pagesreligious and ethnic backgrounds. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, believed religion to be the cause of mental health illnesses and viewed it as an illusion. However, we have come far since Freud’s dismissal of religion and in the 21st Century to ignore the importance of religion in the client’s life, can be detrimental; specifically, Islam. For the individual, Islam is not solely a religion but a way of life. As a counselor, understanding the religion and its practices as well as the IslamicRead MoreFreud, The Phenomenon Of Thought Transference Essay2349 Words   |  10 PagesFreud then discusses, â€Å"The phenomenon of thought transference, which is very close to telepathy..†(page 49). Thought transference can be described as the mental process in a person, the ideas, emotional states, and conative impulses, which can be transferred to someone without using any communication, signs or languages. Freud relates cases of patients who have performed thought transference they include, a man who is in love with his sister and he wants to marry her, a woman who couldn’t conceiveRead MoreCharacteristics of African Religion1769 Words   |  8 PagesCharacteristics of African religion A Supreme being: Throughout most of Africa there is belief of a supreme being, described by one or more names, either in terms of activities or place of abode. African people relate to or worship God through praying, singing and dancing, making sacrificial offerings, dedications and invoking blessings. In many respects, the attitude given toward the supreme creator resembles the respect given to African rulers. According to African tradition certain procedures

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The Legacy Of Lincoln s Leadership - 958 Words

After studying Lincolns life and specifically his time in office, I strongly disagree with Statement 1. This statement not only undermines the president’s major role in the victory, but also overstates the North’s advantage in human and material resources. In fact, many of the advantages that the North did have, were the result of Lincoln’s leadership. Regardless of the North’s advantage in size and resources, Lincoln made several key decisions that helped result in the Union’s victory. During Lincoln’s time in office, his primary concern was the Civil war. As he states several times in his inaugural address, his central conflict consisted of upholding the nation. In order to do so, Lincoln made several strategic decisions and focused on many aspects of the war that were crucial in defeating the Confederacy. Among these important decisions and acts are his response to Fort Sumter, important foreign policy negotiations, and the Emancipation Pr oclamation. After the Confederates attack on Fort Sumter, Lincoln makes several critical decisions that give the Union an early advantage in the war. The day after the attack on April 15, 1861, Lincoln orders a proclamation for 75,000 militiamen â€Å"in order to suppress said combinations, and to cause the laws to be more duly executed.† [D 296] This proved that Lincoln was confident about winning the war, which sparked the strong support of the entire Union. Four days later, he issued a proclamation of the blockade of Southern Ports, whichShow MoreRelatedLegacy Of Abraham Lincoln s Legacy Essay1582 Words   |  7 PagesLegacy Leader: Abraham Lincoln A legacy leader is someone who has left a positive and lasting impression in society due to his or her leadership qualities and/or traits. Abraham Lincoln is a prime example of a legacy leader due to the leadership traits he displayed throughout his presidency. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. He exhibited great leadership qualities such as integrity, duty, and selfless service. Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and hisRead MoreA Successful Leadership By James Macgregor Burns819 Words   |  4 PagesSuccessful Leadership James MacGregor Burns said it best, â€Å"Leadership is leaders inducing followers to act for certain goals that represent the values and the motivations-the wants and needs, the aspirations and expectations-of both leaders and followers. And the genius of leadership lies in the manner in which leaders see and act on their own and their fellow s values and motivations†. As one reads this statement, one naturally reflects on personal leader experiences or ones learned throughRead MoreGettysburg the Speech1357 Words   |  6 Pagesfor the future leadership of the United States. It shaped the societal values and beliefs of the country. This assertion can be affirmed with the speech s enduring presence in the US culture. Notwithstanding its noticeable place cut into stone units on the south divider of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., the Gettysburg Address is every now and again pointed to in works of popular culture. With the understood motive that contemporary crowd s can be acquainted with Lincoln s expressions. Read MoreLincoln Movie Leadership Analysis1380 Words   |  6 PagesFairhurst Leadership Communication 4008 8 December 2015 Lincoln Essay The year is 1865 and the Civil War death toll has risen just over six-hundred-thousand men. The freedoms sought out by our nation’s founders, now jeopardized by the secession of eleven states from the Union. The fate of The United States of America now laid upon the broad shoulders of our nations sixteenth commander-in-chief, President Abraham Lincoln. In a term marked by the burden of complete social upheaval, Abraham Lincoln wasRead MorePresident Abraham Lincoln : Greatest President Of American History1516 Words   |  7 Pages2014 President Abraham Lincoln: Greatest President in American History President Lincoln said the following about the South in his Inaugural Address, In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countrymen, and not in mine, is the momentous issue of civil war. The government will not assail you.... You have no oath registered in Heaven to destroy the government, while I shall have the most solemn one to preserve, protect and defend it.(Freidel and Sidey 2006) President Abraham Lincoln is look upon as oneRead MoreThe Battle Of The Civil War1390 Words   |  6 Pagesseparate countries. Although Lincoln was criticized for stepping over the traditional bounds of executive power, he was faced with the greatest threat to federal authority in the history of the country (Thomas P., 2008, p. 1-17). There was immense pressure that Lincoln endured during the civil war. Lincoln felt that it was his job to protect the Union from disintegrating. His contribution in the area of freedom for the slaves was extremely challenging. Abraham Lincoln has been honored by the peopleRead MoreAnalysis Of The Lincoln Electric Company Harvard Case Study1006 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis of the Lincoln Electric Company Harvard Case Study by Arthur Sharplin By: Lauren N. Ingram The Lincoln Electric Company was a legacy company from which the families personal values were incorporated in the beginning and continue to be the fundamental beliefs compromising the company s culture. By creating and implementing a culture of service, respect, and loyalty, the Lincoln Electric Company has become an institutional leader in American business standards. Lincoln s culture cannotRead MoreThe Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln1958 Words   |  8 PagesLeadership and Legacy: Background Research Paper Abraham Lincoln By:Audrey Knight Introduction Great leader and main topic Abraham Lincoln lived in the 1800’s where he accomplished many things in his 54 years of life. He lived in the U.S. through several major events in history and left a legacy that will never be forgotten. As the 16th president of the United States he brought about the emancipation of slavery, preserved the Union during the Civil War, and served the people. His heroic leadershipRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem O Captain ! My Captain By Walt Whitman826 Words   |  4 PagesMany Leaders lack the ability to move people. Mourning the death of a leader is an even bigger task to take on. Abraham Lincoln, in this case was an exception. In the famous poem, â€Å"O Captain! My Captain!† Written by, Walt Whitman in the year 1865. The poem, refers to a terrible event in American history; the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Instead of the country celebrating and rejoicing over the ending of the Civil War and being happy over the country being kept whole, everyone wasRead MoreAccomplishments Of Abraham Lincoln s Accomplishments1051 Words   |  5 PagesACCOMPLISHMENTS OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN On February 12, 1809 our sixteenth president of the United States, was born in Hardin County, Kentucky, He was the son of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks, farmers. Thomas Lincoln had come to Kentucky from Virginia with his father Abraham in 1782. He learned only enough literacy to sign his name but gained modest prosperity as a carpenter and farmer on the Kentucky frontier. Thomas Lincoln married Nancy Hanks, whom also illiterate, in 1806. Abraham was born in a

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A HowTo Narrative For English Comp Essay free essay sample

A How-To Narrative For English Comp Essay, Research Paper The population of the United States made some serious forfeits during World War II. Gasoline rationing caused a major turbulence in the cab and hauling industry and production of non war related point was curtailed. Sugar was limited to minuscule sums on certain yearss of the month and people hoarded it as if it were gilded. One of the most detrimental curtailments was the production of beer due to the limitations placed on barley. All the little # 8220 ; ma and dad # 8221 ; breweries could non afford to close down for the continuance of war and went out of concern, go forthing the beer production to a limited few. This caused a alteration in the American ingestion of beer to a light laager type with really small competition. However, true beer lovers do non hold to devour the massed produced, watered down imitation of existent brew any longer. We will write a custom essay sample on A HowTo Narrative For English Comp Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page A little investing in equipment, a speedy trip to your local home-brew shop, and you are on your manner to doing your really ain beer. To get down with, you must piece your brewing equipment, get downing off with a brew pot. Any pot that can keep at least three gallons of liquid will do provided it has a palpebra. You will necessitate a five gallon H2O bottle, which we will stick on with an air lock, as your fermenter. Agitation is the procedure of turning your ingredients into the finer things in life, beer, while the air lock keeps bacteriums out of the fermenter. The air lock is cheap and can be purchased at your local home-brew shop for a twosome of dollars. You now have the equipment needed to brew and ferment, all you need now are bottles and caps for hive awaying and basking your beer. Bottles are easy obtained from your local tap house for the cost of the sedimentation and caps and cresting equipment are found at the home-brew shop for less than ten dollars. Once you have assembled this equipment you # 8217 ; re ready to travel on to bring forth your first batch of existent American beer. Now that the equipment is assembled, we come to the most hard portion of brewing ; make up ones minding on a type of beer. Your local home-brew shop has 100s of kits available for doing every manner of beer known to adult male but make up ones minding which one is right for the novitiate is a tough determination. I would urge that you start with an ale type of formula, due to its robustness to defy temperature fluctuation. Get down the brewing procedure by puting three gallons of H2O in the deep-freeze. Next, topographic point two gallons of H2O in your brew pot and convey to a furuncle. After it comes to a turn overing furuncle, add the ingredients of your brew kit ( non including the barm ) . The kit is measured sum of barley infusion and hops, dehydrated and packaged for convenience. Stir the ingredients exhaustively, cut down the heat and simmer covered for an hr. Keep a close oculus on the pot because it will boil over if non carefully monitored. When you have completed the one hr furuncle clip, take the H2O from the deep-freeze and pour into your fermenter. This H2O should be about 40 grades or so, but the exact temperature is non critical. Carefully pour your hot mixture into the fermenter and let it to blend with the cold H2O. This mixture of â€Å"raw† beer is called wort ( riming with â€Å"shirt† ) and the temperature should stabilise around eighty five grades. Once we have completed the cookery or the existent brewing procedure, we now turn to the most interesting portion of the procedure. You should now hold five gallons of wort in your fermenter and a barm package. Cut unfastened the yeast battalion with a unfertile brace of scissors and add to your fermenter. This is called # 8220 ; fliping # 8221 ; the barm. You can sterilise your scissors by utilizing intoxicant or puting them briefly in a fire. Fill your air lock to the top and affix steadfastly to the top of your fermenter. Now we come to the hardest portion of brewing: waiting. Ale barm is a really rapid barm and you should see your air lock get down to bubble within two to three hours. These bubbles are C dioxide being expelled from the barm that is change overing the starches in your wort to alcohol. In two or three yearss, the bubbles should decelerate to one bubble per minute bespeaking it is ready to bottle. Siphon the wort from the fermenter into your waiting bottles, go fo rthing about one inch to the top of each. Then, utilizing your bottle capper, cap each of the bottles and topographic point in a cool topographic point for one hebdomad. That s all there is to it. You can now open your beer and bask more spirit and texture than in most beers produced in the United States. Now that you have made your first batch, you may wish to research many other brewing techniques and manners of beer. Home- brewing is quickly turning throughout the United States and there are many nines and groups that can offer support and advice. You may wish to get down brewing from natural ingredients poetries packaged formulas. This will name for some serious idea and even more serious of an investing. But in the immortal words of Charlie Pappazan, the immortal leader of the home-brew motion, # 8220 ; Relax, wear T concern and have a home-brew. # 8221 ; 34e